123 ideas by helmut smits - SOLD OUT

8,5 x 12 cm, 248 pages
Black and white with full colour insert
Design: Hans Gremmen & Helmut Smits
Publisher: Onomatopee
ISBN 978-90-78454-15-1

A sketchbook containing ideas for art and design by Helmut Smits. This sketchbook is for all people interested in both funny as hard-core concepts. It’s both a book for salon tables and a book for activists.

The work of Helmut Smits is extremely contemporary, since it revolves around communication strategies known in the field of design. His use of these strategies are progressive and autonomously applied very functional. His choice of material is very conceptual, whereby he often generates original, deviant work.

This publication aims to trigger the autonomous thinking of designers and the applied thinking of artists, while it would do both for a general audience. It creates a fuller and more critical engagement of readers with their environment.