Between Us

Social distancing as a protective measure, has been introduced by governments across the world to help reduce the spread of the Corona virus. The Dutch authorities suggested a distance of 150 cm should be maintained from others to be safe. This photo series uses everyday objects as a means of visualizing the distance in practical terms.

Thank you: In├Ęz, Siobhan, Peter, Menno, Raquel, Lennart, Bonnie, Puck, Benoit, Chris, Thijs, Claudia, Katinka, Kai, Paco, Lala, Dilek, Abe, Arda and Inge.

Photos by Lotte Stekelenburg
This project is supported by CBK Rotterdam

23 beer cans

1 Princess Leia

64 euro coins

13 toilet rolls

11 smartphones

5 sheets of A4 paper

18 cigarettes

7 frikandellen speciaal

5 paving slabs