I love Inèz

For my contribution to Name’s Nano Graffiti project (https://www.nanograffiti.com/) I have carved a nano size heart for my wife, with our names in it. This common act of affectionate graffiti is often made for the world to see. A public declaration, an exclamation of ones love for their partner. But for us, our love is ours, we are not so public. My wife and I got married on a Monday morning after taking our kids to school, because it is free to do so at this time in Rotterdam City Hall. We are not interested in marriage as an institution or the fuss and hassle of organizing friends and family. Our witnesses were two City Hall employees. To us, our love is for each other and needs no public act for confirmation. Displaying my love for my wife in this smallest of ways, not even visible to the naked eye to me conveys more meaning: not screaming it from the top of my lungs but gently whispering it.