The Rose Family

(Rosaceae Family)
trees and shrubs
L 900-1000 cm W 900-1100 cm H 700-1200 cm

A group of trees and shrubs arranged as a family picture. Every tree and shrub is a different species but all part of the same family (the Rosaceae family).
In about 10 years the family will be fully grown and reach their final form.

The trees and shrubs used are:
Father: Prunus schmittii
Mother: Crataegus grignonensis
Child 1: Sorbus folgneri ‘Emiel’
Child 2: Photinia fraseri ‘Red Robin’
Child 3: Amelanchier lamarckii
Child 4: Cydonia oblonga ‘Leskovacz’
Child 5: Pyrus salicifolia ‘Pendula’
Child 6: Spiraea nipponica ‘Snowmound’

Photos by Lotte Stekelenburg