Support the Elderly


19 Chairs is a project created by Tom and Will Butterfield. They made a collection of 19 chairs over 19 days during Covid 19 lockdown and asked 19 leading designers and artists to each reinterpret one of them. The brief was simple, ‘reinvent, reimagine or redesign your chair with an older person in mind.’

As it’s important to have regular exercise, especially for older people I transformed my chair into an active resting tool. I made two walking sticks out of it, so not just one person can sit down, but two can start walking.

Participating artists: Harry Grundy, Max Siedentopf, Benjamin Edgar, James Shaw, Antony Williams, Wilfrid Wood, Isabel + Helen, Morag Myerscough, Brandon Carlton, Sabine Marcelis, Jean Jullien, Helmut Smits, Ashley Williams, Henry Gorse, Joe Lycett, Emma Brewin, Nicole McLaughlin, Tom Dixon, Es Devlin

All chairs will be auctioned off in support of Age UK and Resourcing Racial Justice.

Photos by Alecio Ferrari and Tom and Will Butterfield